A Little History ...

Melnor, Inc. is one of the leading producers of lawn and garden watering products in North America. The name Melnor has become synonymous with innovation and high-quality.

Melnor's commitment is to continue the tradition of providing exciting products that will satisfy every homeowner¹s needs. Our goal is to be the first in innovation and customer satisfaction in the lawn and garden market.

The company's corporate headquarters are located in Winchester, Virginia. Products are distributed from facilities in Winchester and Sumner, Washington. 

Melnor’s history is innovation, including these firsts:

  • 1948 — Metal Oscillating Sprinklers
  • 1948 — Hose Repair Kits
  • 1959 — Multi-Pattern Turret Sprinklers
  • 1962 — Traveling Sprinkler
  • 1966 — Time-a-matic Sprinkler/Timer
  • 1984 — Low Profile Oscillating Sprinklers
  • 1997 — Front Trigger Zinc Clad AquaGun®
  • 1997 — New Generation Electronic AquaTimers®
  • 1998 — Front Trigger Zinc AquaGun®
  • 2000 — Drip Capable Electronic AquaTimer®
  • 2004 — Two-Zone Electronic AquaTimer®
  • 2006 — Worlds easiest-to-program Electronic AquaTimers®
  • 2007 — Single-touch adjustable turbo-oscillating sprinklers (patent pending)

Melnor, Inc.
Winchester, VA 22603
Fax: 888-411-2500

Need to get in touch with us? Have questions about a product that you haven't been able to find the answer to? We can be reached in four different ways: Mail, Fax, Phone or E-mail. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

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    Melnor, Inc.
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    Melnor, Inc.
    109 Tyson Drive
    Winchester, VA 22603 USA
    Phone: 540-722-5600
    Fax: 888-411-2500